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Lymphatic Compression Therapy

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Why Lymphatic Drainage Message?

Lymphatic Drainage gentle relaxing Massage helps to stimulate and drain the lymphatic system. For general health and improvement of light fluid retention, detox, cellulite or to help with recovery from an illness, surgery, or training.


What is Lymphatic Compression Therapy?

Lymphatic compression therapy uses a specially designed device, which combines the advantages of physical effort and under-pressure effects.

This specialized device is designed to carry out a deep pressotherapy to stimulate the production of new lymphatic fluids, expand the lymphatic vessels and eliminate liquids and toxins. The treatment provides intensive and effective lymphatic drainage of legs, abdomen and buttocks.

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What is Lymphatic Compression Therapy used for?

Lymphatic Massage can be a general all-over massage or specific areas can be focussed on depending on your goals. Lymphatic compression massage is excellent if you have had a period of illness, are feeling generally fatigued or stressed, want to boost your overall health, or as part of a detox program. It is also beneficial during pregnancy especially in the later stages when oedema may be present. Oedema can cause you to feel sluggish, limbs can feel heavy and ache.

Main Benefits

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Managing the fluid levels in the body
Responding to bacteria and viruses
Eliminating cancer cells
Reducing inflammation
Pain relief
Removal of accumulated water in limbs (reduces swelling)
Stimulation of circulation
Reduction of cellulite
Firming and smoothing the skin
Reduce Bloating
Fluid Renton

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