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Wellness Industry Leaders

Turn your passion for health and wellness into an exciting franchise opportunity by going into business for yourself, not by yourself.
Franchise with us knowing you’d have our proven model and world class support each step of the way.   

Why Studio Figura?

Golden opportunity
Proven Success around the world
Low employee requirement
A Unique wellness concept
No previous experience or certificates needed
Tap into the Lucrative Wellness Booming Industry
Invest in Studio Figura, and we’ll invest in you!

Why Studio Figura?

Own The Best Wellness & Body Shaping Franchise Business in Australia
to Start Your Journey to Financial Independence.

Studio Figura brand is widely regarded as one of the most successful franchises in the world in the wellness industry with a proven track record of success. 15 year young existing brand now offering exclusive opportunities around Australia now. Studio Figura is the only company in the wellness area which has its own device's factory and its own line of cosmetics and supplements. The number of studios working in the Studio Figura concept is growing constantly, from 3-6 new studios opening every month across the world. We know that people all over the world love coming together at these salons not only because they offer quality service but also create an empowering atmosphere where individuals can feel their best.

The Mission

To empower inspiring leaders who care about their health and wellness of having success through building community and strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation.

The Vision

At Studio Figura our goal is to create a place where people come to feel good, inspired and supported. We aim to increase better health & wellbeing for everyone, one individual at the time and a place where people can grow into their full potential while feeling unconditionally loved by others who share similar goals and cultivate self awareness and self care. The best part of joining this franchise is becoming part of a family, where you have the opportunity to make people’s lives better by providing a place for their health and wellness journey.


We are committed to the success of our franchisees. We strive for long-term profitability through an ongoing training and support program that will ensure your business runs smoothly, with minimal input needed from you and hard work and support from us! Our business model has proven success around the world. At Studio Figura our Core Values are Consultative, Collaboration, Compassion, Excellence, Results Oriented, Prosperity, Enjoyment.

You are invited to join the next generation of successful entrepreneurs at Studio Figura! We have created an exceptional franchise that is simple and clear and gives independence in action to our franchisee. Studio Figura Academy has figured all out for you to be successful in your business journey. With on-going training and support, the Studio Figura fantastic network is here to ensure business success. We are committed to the profitability of our franchisees and work hard to give you all the support you need to make this happen! Around the world, we already have an incredible group of well-established franchisees on the same journey, you can be the next one just like them!

Check why the concept of Studio Figura is a unique opportunity!


A unique line of cosmetic produced especially for Studio Figura and available only in licensed studios of Studio Figura. All products are natural and loved by thousands of people.


Studio Figura Academy to share your knowledge and experience with other owners


Studio Figura is a European-based company that makes all equipment itself, ensuring high quality.


Simple and easy to use automated management software to run the Studio smoothly and without stress.


Multiple income sources to scale business quicker. (Memberships, packages, products etc )


Patents on equipment. The possibility of promoting your Studio based on the uniqueness of the product.


You and your staff will get full support. Five day training before opening your own studio. Access to ongoing online training platform.


We provide full fit out and all equipment that are needed to run profitable business. You can just go and run your business in your chosen location.


Earn more with less staff. Only 2 staff members needed to run a whole studio. Your staff cost will be effectively lower 80% than any other business.


All Marketing materials will be provided. Ongoing support on how to market your local area. Marketing is tried and tested to ensure profitability and an easy-to-manage business.


Currently OVER 1,200 locations GLOBALLY

GOAL 100 STUDIO FIGURA centres in Australia & New Zealand

With more than 1,200 studios globally, Studio Figura brand is rapidly growing with exclusive territories being snapped up quickly. We currently have a need for partners across both countries, Australia & New Zealand, with passion dedicated to health & wellness and people! Do not miss your chance at being part of our rapidly expanding family
and part of this amazing growth story. Buy a franchise business to be your own boss.




Studio Figura International managing director in the UK. She owns multiple Studio Figura studios in both Poland and the UK. Sylwia says:” The success I have experienced has given the power to change my life for the better. If you dream of running your own business but you are afraid of the risks that come with starting a new company, Studio Figura is an ideal opportunity for you. The support you are getting from lovely HQ is endless. I’m grateful for a chance to change my own wellbeing and I can inspire my clients on their wellness journey and make a difference in their lives”. Read more about Sylwia’s story HERE.


Studio Figura has been such an amazing experience for me. The brand is so simple, unique with a great vibe that I always feel happy when working on projects related to this company because it feels like we’re all making something special and important together! Working closely alongside HQ, our network of creatives are achieving success every day while also helping countless clients find their own wellbeing paths towards healthier lifestyles – which makes being part of Studio Figura.


We don't see you as just a 'franchisee', we see each franchisee as a partner to make a difference in people's lives including ourselves with rewarding success.

Studio Figura is a company that offers the opportunity to partner with an innovative brand and see success in this demand-driven industry. Partners who want their own slice of what we’ve built together and keep growing it.

Studio Figura is the fastest growing franchise company in the world, available only for 110 partners around Australia and New Zealand!

We are passionate about health, wellness and people! If you have a similar dedication then we want to partner up with YOU!!

Change your life today, buy a franchise business!

Steps to Become Studio Figura Owner

Your success begins now. Check how simple and safe it is to open your own Studio Figura studio. Over the next few weeks, you’ll spend time getting to know the Studio Figura brand and the team that’s here to support you along the way. Below are the major milestones you can expect to check off on your journey to becoming an owner!

Intro and Application

Quick call with Franchise manager and pre qualifying Franchise application to see our potential fit.

Business Overview

Go into more detail about the Studio Figura model

Financial Due Diligence

Studio Figura can help you understand the funding environment, what to expect, and the different options

Discovery Day

Meet the full Studio Figura team. Answer any outstanding questions.

Becoming a Studio Figura Owner

Go into more detail about the Studio Figura model

Grand Opening

We are proud of you and your accomplishments! Good luck in your adventure!

Our Performance During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has unquestionably hit the heart of Australia's economy, but our studio continues to show positive growth throughout. We've proven that with a strong commitment and clear vision for business continuity in times like these -you can still grow your company due our essential services!

You are only a step away from opening your dream business.

This revolutionary venture has been proven.

The Studio Figura opportunity will give you the tools, knowledge and experience needed for success.

Don't hesitate - start living out those ambitions today by enquiring today!

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Join our Exclusive Studio Figura VIP Club Today to receive exclusive offers.

Contact Us

Join our Exclusive Studio Figura VIP Club Today to receive exclusive offers.

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