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What is Infrared Swan Shaper?

Infrared Swan Shaper ® is a body shaping machine with collagen and infrared heat to shape a whole body, to tone up and lift the buttocks. Innovative synergy of four components infrared lamps (for collagen fiber rebuilding), collagen light (for regeneration of the outer skin layer), ionization system great influence of negative ions), crosstrainer (to activate all muscle groups).

This combination is a wonderful support of body shaping and toning with a long-term effect.


This device is used for comprehensive body shaping, using infrared and collagen heating. In uses an innovative combination of 4 components:


Twister elliptical bike is an innovative device which combines cardio workout with abdominal muscles exercises. Patented rotation system allows the exercise of both straight and oblique abdominal muscles and other muscles of the torso. The line of leg work is opposed to the work of the upper body parts (torso, arms, shoulders) that work perpendicular to the lower parts. Cardio training sessions strengthen the heart, improves the work of the respiratory and coronary systems, and reduce cellulite.


Collagen light session is a process of skin irradiation with mild red light waves. It rebuilds and strengthens collagen and stimulates cells to produce it more. It helps to reduce wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks. It smoothes scars and soothes acne lesions. The skin is more elastic and firm, its tone is improved. It slows skin aging, supports oxygenation, hydration and detoxification. The complexion looks bright and fresh. Red radiation with a wavelength of 550-700 nanometers penetrates deep into the subcutaneous tissue. This process is even more effective when we use collagen products and vitamins A, E, C.



Nowadays we really need negative ions. Computers and smartphones emit positive ions which are damaging to our health. The air is rich with negative ions mostly at the seaside, in coniferous forests and near waterfalls. The ionizer emits the most similar ions to those produced by nature. They are large, vital (up to several dozen hours), in the form of invisible water drops with negative charge closed inside. Negative ions are produced thanks to high voltage. They have a wonderful influence on our health and mood.


The process of infrared radiation - electromagnetic - is, in very simple words, about thermal effect. We can specify three types of IR waves: IR-A, IR-B, IR-C. In IR radiators used in cosmetology, including our Swan, IR-A radiation is mainly used. It is because the shortest infrared waves can penetrate the deepest and heat-up the most intensively. IR-A wave penetrates the outer layer of the epidermis 0,5 mm from the skin surface, then goes through the dermis layer 1-3 mm under the skin surface and finally reaches the subcutaneous tissue. The general rule concerning wavelengths is their inverse proportionality regarding the ability of tissue penetration - the shorter the wave the less ability to penetrate deep into the skin. The IR wavelength is between 780 nanometers and 1 millimeter. Wonderful effect of IR reduces skeletal muscle tension, has an analgesic effect increasing the threshold of pain sensation, increases metabolism and stimulates skin's thermal receptors. It expands the skin's blood vessels, increases thermogenesis and stimulates deeper vessels.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A client exercising on Infrared Swan Shaper should wear:

  • Training shoes, leggings, shorts and sport bra or shirt

For the best results highly recommended light colour active wear. You will benefit better from the infrared and collagen lamps. 

In the beginning we recommend 2-3 training sessions per week for a period of eight weeks. You may then decide to continue with further fat breakdown at the same intensity or to stabilise your achieved result with one training session per week or fortnightly.

  • pregnancy 
  • active cancer
  • radiotherapy, chemotherapy
  • pacemaker,
  • liver or kidney failure,
  • digestive system diseases, intestinal inflammation and irritability (local contraindication)
  • acute bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic inflammation in the body
  • herpes
  • skin diseases such as vitiligo
  • age under 15, 15-18 years only with the written consent of the parent
  • hernia (locally); 6 months after the operation you can; within the established grid it is impossible
  • multiple sclerosis 
  • open wounds
  • angiomas, lipomas (local contraindication)
  • fibroids, polyps, cysts (local contraindication)
  • circulatory failure, peripheral circulatory disorders
  • osteoporosis
  • telangiectasia - the tendency to develop a network of dilated blood vessels
  • deposits of hyaluronic acid, lifting threads (local contraindication)

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