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You are about to embark on a new wellness journey that will change your life

A New Global Innovative Wellness place. A holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Transformative results for women of all ages. We help you to improve wellbeing, recover, redefine your shape, lose stubborn fat, reduce cellulite and de-stress to feel better and look younger. Solutions that actually work!


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide effortless, simple and unique advanced solutions for better wellbeing, weight loss, cellulite reduction, and muscle recovery to increase performance to women in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere with knowledgeable, caring staff.

We know that women around the world want the same thing - to look younger, healthy and to be happy with less effort.

We will achieve that through innovative wellness technology and products exclusive to the Studio Figura network.


Our Vision

We aim to increase better wellbeing and longevity for everyone, one individual at the time.

We activate people's lymphatic systems and help people become more healthy.

We understand that a healthy lymphatic system is a key element for optimal health and wellness. We want our community to be healthier and bodies looking their best from inside outside.


At Studio Figura we exemplify our core values through every action we take. Our Core Values are:

Check what has been prepared especially for YOU in Studio Figura!


Studio Figura fitness zone is the most innovative and has newest cardio and cosmetic technology with skincare benefits to deliver low impact exercise with visible results faster than traditional fitness method. Our modern innovative methods have proven to be safe & effective all over the world. Personal approach to each customer.


Modern wellness zone provides the latest technology for the best wellbeing. Our unique equipment was created to help with sport recovery, improve lymphatic system, rehabilitation and improvement for overall wellbeing. A sanctuary for all your needs. Join the modern wellness zone to find your way back into shape and live a healthy life.


Advanced invasive and natural treatments activate your body’s ability to target and burn specific areas of stubborn fat and cellulite, making it much easier for your body to rid itself of deeply stored fat. Lose centimetres, stubborn fat and giving you smoother and tighter skin in less than 12 sessions. The possibilities for weight loss and cellulite are endless.


We've got everything you need to take better care of your health and skin from the inside out. Our natural products are designed with 100% organic ingredients to slim down, detox your body and improve gut health. Plus our skincare range has made from high quality collagen to look healthier and youthful.

Our Client's Opinion

It has been my first experience in an aesthetic center, they have resolved many doubts and the care with which they have given me the treatment has been fantastic. I recommend it 100% thanks girls
Tee Tee
Tee Tee
Amazing stuff and great service amazing experience and I look forward to the next appointment I really really enjoy it
Sharyn Grossman
Sharyn Grossman
Loved my session and Annie was lovely. Looking forward to my next appointment. Definitely recommend to try the different options at the studio. My favourite is the roller shaper.
Mel Khim
Mel Khim
Lovely studio! First time trying the roller shaper, felt amazing afterwards, will definitely be back. Obsessed!
Body Reformers
Body Reformers
Staff are lovely and friendly, studio is clean and has a very relaxing vibe that I like
Angie Hill
Angie Hill
Thanks Annie and Katie for a great introduction to Studio Figura. I really enjoy the Roll Shaper and look forward to my next appointment 🤩
Anshoo Mala
Anshoo Mala
Friendly, helpful staff. Clean environment and great products
Sally Peters
Sally Peters
I experienced a lymphatic massage and roller massage at Studio Figura. How wonderful I felt afterwards! Great clean studio, state of the art with friendly helpfull staff. I will definitely be back. Thanks so much.
Lourdes Paulet
Lourdes Paulet
I love this place. Annie and Katie are super nice and very professional people. They keep the place very clean and do an amazing job. They look fit !! I did the rollers for lymphatic system and now I am doing tummy reduction with Katie - great results!! Fat cavitation stomach 😃😃

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