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Roll Shaper®️ Massage - Studio Figura

Innovative Roll Shaper lymphatic massage

Body Re-shaping at it's BEST without EFFORT

Fix unpleasant love handles, stubborn fat & cellulite around
your waist, thighs, buttocks, back and arms


The Roll shaper® is a one-of-a-kind, innovative massage and clinically tested device that offers 18 distinct training positions to massage every part of your body. It is a highly effective solution for sports recovery and may enhancing lymphatic function, skin tightening, addressing stubborn fat and cellulite, and achieving lasting results in the fight against obesity.

The Roll Shaper massage is not only slimming and shaping but has also successful effects on your well-being.


The Roll Shaper is an innovative new device that will change your life forever!

The unique design of the Roll Shaper, with its infrared heat and wooden rollers, promotes the stimulation of the lymphatic system and enhanced circulation. The powerful rolling wooden drum targets fat cells located 2 cm below the skin.

This natural process aids in toxin elimination from your body. Regular use of the Roll Shaper, particularly as a deep tissue massage roller, provides numerous advantages akin to a sports massage, such as reduced inflammation, scar tissue, and joint stress, along with enhanced circulation and increased flexibility. Regular rolling before and after workouts prepares your muscles for exercise and aids in post-workout muscle recovery.


Heating the skin tissue to a depth of 2 cm supports the process of slimming and recovery.

The infrared lamp positioned at the center of the machine's drum significantly enhances the massage effect, increasing it by up to 70%. The heat emitted by the lamp penetrates the deeper skin layers, warming the body and skin, leading to the dilation of blood vessels. This, in turn, aids in the removal of deposited toxins and promotes muscle relaxation by releasing tension, offering a soothing experience. Infrared activation contributes to strengthening the body's natural defense mechanisms, relaxing muscles, and helping to prevent cellulite formation. The integrated collagen function in the infrared lamps supports skin rejuvenation. Consequently, weight-loss services using this technology have gained worldwide popularity due to their effectiveness.
You'll notice a substantial difference after just one session!
Book now for immediate results.

The Massage is not only slimming and shaping
but has also an effect on your well-being.

Studio Figura Roll Shaper Massage

Forget about your early morning walks, grueling weightlifting sessions and hours of cardio. Roll Shaper lymphatic massage can get your desired results with less work! 5-10 kg lost every month without any strenuous exercises, millions around the world are turning to this amazing machine for their fitness goals.
These rollers have been hugely popular in recent years because they offer a fun way to workout while getting great results fast.

Clinically Proven Results

Clinical research was carried in 2008 with the purpose of assessing the impact of roll shapers on the body. The weight and height of the participants were measured before entering the treatment cycle. The study involved 97 people who had 20 massages with roll shapers and the average results were as follows;

Upper Arm circumference decreased by 0.8 Inches
Waist circumference decreased by 1.8 Inches
Hip circumference decreased by 1.2 Inches
Thigh circumference decreased by 1.2 Inches

Usually the results achieved by our clients are very similar to the ones in the study. Of course, everyone is different and results can be much better when exercise and healthy diet is involved. The thicker the fatty tissue, the more it reduces. Slimmer women will also benefit from the massage, as it is good for overall well-being, firms the skin, tones up the muscles and reduces cellulite.

Roll Shaper Many Proven Health Benefits

All in One Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

Minus 10 inches in the waist in just one month!
Do you want to get a flat stomach, sexy beach body?
You don't have to diet and exercise for hours; the Roll Shaper can make it happen in one month. The way it works is that when used on targeted areas such as stomach, thighs, inner thighs, arms, love handles, shoulders and buttocks, which can then lead to weight loss.

Recommended 2-3 sessions per week, but no more than 4 sessions. 

We recommend you to use our exercise plan when massaging, as it has been designed by leading Czech physiotherapists, always in 45- to 60-minute sessions, twice or three times a week. At least 12-20 sessions and then maintain once a fortnightly or once a month.

30min sessions are good for muscle recovery, may improve the lymphatic system or use as a sport massage and for wellbeing.

45min / 60min - is for people who want to remove cellulite, slim down, lose centimetres, and firm the skin. 

Contraindications for training on Roll Shaper®:

  • pregnancy
  • disorders of the blood system
  • unregulated blood pressure
  • heart diseases
  • varicose veins
  • skin ecchymosis
  • menstrual bleeding
  • early postoperative phase (up to 6 months after surgery or until the wound heals)
  • neoplastic disease (up to 5 years after the end of treatment)
  • severe inflammation of the body
  • the first days of menstruation
  • hernia (local)
  • telangiectasia (local)

A client exercising on Roll shaper should wear:

When working with infrared lamps on, leggings and a T-shirt with clean socks. Light colour activewear is the best because infrared lights don't penetrate black clothing.

The use of the Roller has an excellent effect. The method is safe, without side effects and painless. 

Sometimes if a person is pressing themselves too much on the machine can have a little bruise. 

You can experience stress relief, better sleep and relaxation straight after the first session. 

After 2-3 sessions you will notice a difference with your skin, cellulite reduction, slimmer body shape.

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