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Imagine the feeling of relaxation and peace that fills your body when you give someone this wellness gift. 

Studio Figura gift Card is a perfect for any occasion.

The perfect Gift for everyone
Thoughtful gifting made easy.

We are here to take care of the heavy gifting for you.


Studio Figura Wellness Gift Card is the best to give for any occasion.

Whether it’s someone’s birthday, can use a heartwarming gift, because someone is very special to you, to thank someone, to congratulate someone, for someone who already has everything, to put someone in the spotlight, because someone really matters is to get a little rest or because someone just really deserves it.

With a Wellness Gift Card you give attention to someone, for whatever reason.

What could be better than a gift card? You don’t just give a present, you give an experience. With the Wellness Gift Card, the receiver can use this for any service, products or special packages of their choice in the most beautiful wellness center.
To purchase a physical gift card find your nearest location.
Your Gift Card or e-Gift Card will come with a 3 year expiry date from the date of purchase.
A printable E-Gift card is automatically emailed to the requested email address.

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Join our Exclusive Studio Figura VIP Club Today to receive exclusive offers.

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