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Studio Figura will only collect your personal information when it is reasonably necessary to do so, or when it is directly related to one of our services or promotions. We do not collect health information about you without your consent. Any information we require from you is provided by you on your client information waivers, or on our website, booking systems, and/or through promotions, competitions and consumer queries.
We are committed to keeping your personal information secure and protected, and our partnered programs that hold your information are reputable global online programs such as Timely, MailChimp and constant contact.
If you would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact us at 0461409443


Studio Figura practitioners reserve the right to determine suitable treatment for the client. Each client must have a complimentary consultation before any treatment.


  • All standard packages for an individual service (Roll Shaper, Vacu Shaper, Infrared Swan, Lymphatic Compression Therapy, Collagen Red Light Therapy, Beauty Shaper, Body wrap ) must include a series of 3 or 6 or 12 treatments and are valid for 6 months from purchase. Series with 24 or more treatments are valid for 8 months with consideration of the number of treatments in the series.
  • All special packages are valid for 6 months from purchase.
  • Challenge packages are valid for 3 months from purchase.
  • Pre-payment / purchase is required.
  • Treatment packages are not able to be split between more than one person or transferred to another service.
  • Treatments/services and service packages are not transferable to other individuals or clinics.
  • Packages are not refundable, consider carefully before you purchase any packages at Studio Figura centers
  • Whilst every attempt is made, we cannot guarantee the same technician for all treatments.


Applicable to all sales and promotions issued or advertised by Studio Figura:
  • Not in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Pre-payment / purchase is required.
  • Treatment packages are not able to be split between more than one person or transferred to another service.
  • Treatments/services and service packages are not transferable to other individuals or clinics.
  • Promotional pricing not applicable for existing bookings and will only apply to new bookings made and paid during the promotion period.
  • During our peak periods, Studio Figura center may request a small deposit for high-value packages or HIFU treatment appointments and, once the appointment has been attended, this amount will be deducted from your total treatment cost.
  • Studio Figura reserves the right to end a sale or amend pricing at any time without prior notification or advertisement.
  • Promotion pricing applies to specific treatments only. Excludes all other treatments and products listed in the Studio Figura treatment and pricing guide, or website.
  • Studio Figura practitioners and technicians reserve the right to determine suitable treatment for the client and to refuse treatment for the client if deemed not suitable. This decision is to be made by the Studio Figura practitioner and/or technician at their absolute discretion.


  • Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards can be redeemed for Studio Figura services in selected Studio Figura centers where gift cards have been purchased.
  • Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for any other legal tender (cash, EFTPOS, credit card or gift card.)
  • Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards are the equivalent of cash. If lost or stolen, cards will not be replaced. Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards are non-refundable.
  • For Gift Cards sold after 31st of March 2018 your Gift Card or e-Gift Card will come with a 3 year expiry date from the date of purchase.
  • Expired Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards do not retain any value. Studio Figura reserves the right to change services without notice.
  • Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards must be presented upon arrival.
  • Cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment may result in a cancellation fee being charged to the Gift Card(s) or e-Gift Card(s).
  • E-Gift Cards are automatically emailed to the requested email address.
  • To send Gift Cards to multiple addresses, please email our support center via [email protected] with your details.


  • Please note Studio Figura does not exchange or refund for incorrect choice or change of mind purchases.
  • Australian Consumer Law applies to all requests for returns, refunds and repairs where the goods purchased are faulty and or not as described.
  • All returns must be accompanied with the original receipt. All purchases must be returned within 14 days of purchase. Please note the item must be in original condition including packaging, original tags and labels still attached and the item is unused and is as sold.
  • Under Australian Consumer Law (or the Fair Trading Act 1986 (NZ) in the case of New Zealand purchases of Services), the nominated Studio Figura Operator is not obliged to refund You for unwanted or unused Services.
More information please contact by email: [email protected]


We have a 24 HOURS NOTICE cancellation policy. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment in order for your booking fee to be transferred to the next appointment. Failure to provide 24 hours notice will result in your booking fee being forfeited.
Whilst we understand that your reason for having to reschedule may be valid, please understand also that we still have costs to run a business. Please take this as a friendly reminder when booking your appointment with us.
Your booking fee is non-refundable, if you need to reschedule your appointment you will be able to transfer your booking fee to a new booking provided 24 hours notice has been given. You can reschedule your appointment one (1) of two (2) ways;
  1. CALL the studio 0461 409 443 and please leave a message if not answered by staff. (DO NOT use social platforms to let us know that you need to move your appointment. Unfortunately not all messages make it through, so calling or emailing is the best option to ensure we are able to transfer your booking fee to your next appointment. If you choose to message through social media platforms, and we do not receive it, your booking fee will be forfeited. If we are unable to answer the phone due to being with clients, we will call you back as soon as we can). Email us at [email protected]
  2. Use the RESCHEDULING LINK which can be found in my booking confirmation email. (This is the quickest and easiest option).
Times for each service are detailed on the website and are provided at time of booking – Please make sure you check this and have ample time for these services.
If you book for multiple services and decide at the time of your appointment that you wish to cancel one, full charges for all services booked will still apply as our calendar has been blocked out for a specific amount of time to fulfil all treatments originally booked.
If you need to remove a treatment from your appointment, you must provide 24 hours notice to allow us enough time to fill the time now made available.
If you arrive late to your appointment, it may mean that our staff may have to shorten the length of the treatment so as not to inconvenience other clients.
I understand that the full cost of the service will still apply.
Failure to attend your appointment, will result in the forfeit of your booking fee and the full amount of the missed appointment being payable before you are able to re-book.
You may be required to pay for your next appointment in full.
More information please contact by email: [email protected]

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Join our Exclusive Studio Figura VIP Club Today to receive exclusive offers.

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