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You Can Finally Experience Europe’s Effortless Weight Loss Secrets! Claim Your FREE Consultation Below! (Limited Spots Available)

Here’s How The Free Consultation Will Go:

1. You meet us at our world class Studio on 1/1 Breakfast Creek Road Newstead QLD 4006, Australia.

We have free parking at the front of our Studio.

2. A Wellness Consultant will have a one on one conversation with you to understand your health goals and concerns.

Unlike other wellness studios, we don’t rush through our consultations. We’re unique in Australia, and not only through the services we offer, but also through the way we treat those who walk through our door. 

You will get to see that as soon as you know our team, and have a detailed conversation with one of our top Wellness Consultants. 

Our priority is you.

3. Once we’ve established your health goals and concerns, you will undergo a full body analysis, and a cellulite grade analysis.

We’re doing these to determine where you’re at and how we can better help you achieve your goals.

You will see how much clarity you’ll gain once you’ll be able to understand your body from a different perspective than what you’ve been used to.

The world opens up to new possibilities that weren’t there before. 

4. After the data from the analysis is back, you will receive a custom weight loss plan.

This custom weight loss plan is personalised, and includes everything you have to do in order to achieve your goals. 

It will be a step by step process that you can easily follow without having to struggle with crazy diets or absurd workout regiments. 

5. And finally, you will get a FREE Roll Shaper session.

This Free Roll Shaper session will  make the beginning of your new weight loss journey as easy as possible. 

You’ll start with one of our most popular machines, and you’ll feel amazing after just one session.

This consultation is valued at $249 You can book it completely free through this page.

Their Weight Loss Journeys Started the Same Way – with a Free Consultation.

You Could Get Similar Results, All it Takes is Belief in Yourself to Take The First Step!

“After my third session I can see how my body has changed already, my skirt I couldn’t fit before, I can now easily fit in. I also tried an lymphatic drainage massage due to my swelling legs and after that all my swelling was gone the next day. I’m super excited for next week. Highly recommending this place. They are so friendly there and I’m always feeling so good after I left there.”

– Kat C.

"I have lost 7kg and I feel great, my skin looks younger and no cellulite. I have so much energy now. I am getting lots of compliments from people, some didn’t recognise me! I have regained my confidence. A big thank you to Studio Figura team for all your support and help doing this. After all this time I’ve found me again!"

– Tidarat K.

“Great environment with professional advice, the weight loss program combined with low impact exercises and innovative machines made such a difference to my weight loss in just a matter of weeks”

– Meredith H.

There is no charge for a Free Consultation.

The Booking System may request a credit card to complete the booking for verification purposes only to prevent fake bookings. Your card is not charged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you asking for credit card details if the consultation is free?

When you enter your credit card details, you WON’T BE CHARGED. 

We’re asking for this information to establish who is serious, and who isn’t. 

Our professionals are taking time away from our customers to offer these free consultations, and that means we can’t waste time with people that are not serious. 

Look at this as proof you’re a real person, that has a real intention of coming to the consultation. We’ve had people schedule consultations in the past, without showing up. and we’ve had fake bookings. 

That’s something we want to avoid. 

Is this good for me even if I'm a middle-aged woman with joint pain?

Yes! Studio Figura treatments work for well for anyone, no matter their age, level of fitness, or health issues.

Our treatment is non-invasive and offers an alternative way to lose weight — without crazy diets, intense workouts, or long training programs. 

Is the free consultation a masked sales pitch?

No. We offer this as an opportunity for those who are struggling to lose weight.

Most of our customers don’t have time, they have health issues that stop them from going to the gym, or they need a personalised approach to make progress.

That’s what we offer.

This free consultation is an introduction into that. Once you receive what we’ve promised, if you feel like this is something of value to you, you’re more than welcome to get a membership at our studio.

However, there’s no pressure involved.

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