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Vacu Shaper

Exercise Smarter, Not Harder
Burn up to 2000 calories in 30min

Why Choose the Vacu Shaper?

Build strength, endurance and contour your body.


What is the Vacu Shaper?

Vacu Shaper vacuum treadmill is a new and unique device that fuses cardio with skincare benefits. This anti-gravity treadmill combines the lymphatic system benefits from deep under pressure vacuum massage and infrared heating therapy, thus encouraging weight loss and cellulite reduction. Additional features include aromatherapy, ozone therapy, LED, color therapy and collagen lamp. This device can be programmed for the needs of both beginners or advanced users and is both user friendly and effective at delivering an unparalleled cardio workout experience.

What is Vacu Shaper used for?

Still, trying to safe perfect body shape and look great? Your diet does not work?

With Vacu Shaper gravity treadmill you can burn up to 700-2000 calories in just one 30 min session*. All of the latest technologies are built into our devices which help to destroy fat cells and transmit it to energy. Vacu Shaper treadmill will let you lose excess weight, shape your body and get rejuvenation benefits without any required special diet. Great results in minimal time!

Main Benefits

Are you ready to shape and curate your body with our Vacu Shaper?

Cellulite elimination (‘orange peel’)
Get body shape
Loss of excessive calories 4 times faster
Better blood flow (more elastic and firmer skin)
Improvement of circulation and lymphatic system
Better physical condition
Elimination of ‘cold feet’ syndrome
Fast burning of fatty tissue
Better physical and mental state
Reduction of overweight
Release of ‘happiness hormones’ during treatment

Before & After Results


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