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A revolutionary new weight loss & body shaping solution that is safe, targeted and effective. Introducing the next generation of fat burners!

3 Month Membership

$147 per week ($25 per session)

Benefits including 4 x 30min sessions in Fitness zone per week

Available Treatments:

10% off all other packages & services

10% off all products from full price

Birthday Bonus Credit* $150

6 Month Gold Membership

$99 per week

Benefits including 4x 30min sessions in Fitness zone per week

Available Treatments:

15% off all other packages & services

15% off all products from full price

Birthday Bonus Credit* $250

7 reasons to become a member

Lose Centimeters

Body Contour

Tone Body

Reduce cellulite



Our fitness zone has new revolutionary machines that help you to burn fat 4x faster and get into the body shape you’ve always dreamed of with minimal effort, suitable for busy lifestyles for all ages. With our Studio Figura membership you can achieve all in one; lose cm, get rid of cellulite, contour your body/burn fat or save a lot of money.
We can achieve all of these goals in our fitness zone, which is suitable if you're too busy or don't want any extra treatments or don’t want to go to the gym or pilates.

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Fitness Zone is suitable for all shapes, sizes and mums from any generation. We offer low-impact but high-outcome sessions to help you become healthier in an enjoyable environment with support and care on your journey. In the studio we not only help people across the board get fit through our treatments, we also provide treatments which improve lymphatic systems and detoxify our bodies so we feel happier & healthier too! Fitness Zone has something for everyone; whether it be getting back into shape, as parents or grandparents tackling health problems such as lipedema, obesity or cellulite - if there's one thing this studio does well it's helping anyone reach their goals of being healthy!

Many people are looking for a safe and proven way to lose weight and get into the best body shape.

“It's a safe and proven way to burn fat quickly. Guided programs target cellulite, stubborn areas of fat promising you the most effective and fastest ways possible.”

Guided Fat Burning programs offer the most effective ways to burn fat, targeting areas where it's difficult or nearly impossible like cellulite, stubborn fat on thighs and stomachs - promising you quicker results than ever before.

Introducing a low intensity and low impact weight loss solution that delivers fast, safe and targeted fat burning results. You'll be able to see the difference in your body after just a few sessions!

Burn fat 4 x times faster and get into the body shape you have always dreamed!​

  • Lose, Shape, Tone, Rejuvenate, Recovery
  • Simple, Effective, Unique

Our fitness zone has revolutionary machines that help people burn fat 4x faster and get into the body shape they’ve always dreamed of, simple with minimal effort, suitable for a busy lifestyle and can achieve all in one.

Members can burn fat, lose cm, get rid of cellulite, contour their body, recovery, save a lot of money because they don’t have to go later to get extra cellulite treatments or get fat reduction treatments done or recovery, like you have to do when you're going to the gym or pilates or any other exercise.

It’s suitable for all ages, shapes & sizes, mums, and all generations for a low impact, high outcome fitness.

Our Studio also helps with other health problems as well all our fitness zone treatments improves our lymphatic systems and helps to detox our body to remove toxins from our body to help us be healthier and happier.

Studio Figura Membership allows you to burn calories, body fat and lose weight 4 times faster.
We give you the tools and support you need to build healthier routines that can last.

  • Increase Energy and Feel Lighter​
  • Promotes Healthier Skin
  • Burn Fat and Loose Weight Faster
  • Removes Toxin
  • Tone

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    Join our Exclusive Studio Figura VIP Club Today to receive exclusive offers.

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