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Studio Figura Wellness & Body Contouring centre, the globally loved and leading wellness and body shaping network. Since our founding in 2008, we have grown to over 1,300 studios worldwide, including locations in the EU, USA, UK, Dubai, and now Australia. Our journey of success and excellence speaks for itself. 

Studio Figura is committed to being accessible, approachable, and welcoming to everyone. We offer holistic wellness and body shaping treatments, modernised with state-of-the-art equipment, to provide high-quality, life-changing benefits suitable for all.

Discover the exciting opportunity of owning a Studio Figura franchise.

Studio Figura

Created by Women, Loved Globally

Studio Figura is a modern wellness & body shaping centre. Unique business model that dominates the market and 80% of business is automated. We have combined wellness, next-generation fitness, and beauty under one roof, complemented by our natural supplement and cosmetic line. Our holistic approach offers effective wellness and body shaping treatments, delivered by Studio Figura-trained attendants from our academy. No specific qualifications are needed, making our studios accessible and inclusive for all ages and fitness levels.

By joining the Studio Figura family, you’re joining a community where your success is our mission.

Imagine generating a new income stream while transforming your own wellbeing and getting into good shape and health and promoting wellness in your community. With a Studio Figura franchise, you can achieve success in the thriving wellness industry.
Join us today and start shaping a brighter future for yourself and others!

Why partner with us?

More people are seeking wellness solutions, driving a global market worth $5.61 trillion and a body contouring market of $8.5 billion. At Studio Figura, our award-winning wellness centres, advanced treatments, and loyal customer base position us as leaders in this booming industry. Studio Figura is a modern sanctuary where people feel cared for and supported on physical, spiritual, and emotional levels. With over a million treatments performed annually, our customers can attest to our exceptional service. Our reach extends beyond our studios, making Studio Figura a legacy of wellness.

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How We Support You

Comprehensive Training

Receive thorough training to ensure you’re fully equipped to run a successful studio.


Benefit from our expert marketing strategies, backed by the world’s top Facebook marketer, Benjamin Simkin, to attract and retain customers.

Real Estate

We assist you in finding the perfect site and negotiating with the landlord.

Studio Fitout & Design

We guide you through the entire buildout process, from approved layout and general construction to interior design, ensuring your studio meets our high standards and creates a welcoming environment.

Human Resources

Access all the necessary systems and documents for hiring and managing your team. Staff members receive access to our online training platform to excel in their roles.

Ongoing Education

Stay updated with the latest industry trends and techniques through continuous education.

Network Support

Enjoy the strength and support of our extensive network of franchisees and experts.


Benefit from comprehensive and ongoing sales training, monthly calls, and expert guidance from pre-sale through to grand opening and sustainability.

Franchise oppertunities




Now is the best time to own wellness centre

The wellness industry is booming, with an increasing global focus on health, fitness, and well-being. As people become more health-conscious, the demand for wellness services continues to rise, making it a lucrative market.
Owning a wellness centre is not just about financial gain; it’s also about personal satisfaction. Helping others achieve their health and wellness goals including yourself can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. The current market conditions, combined with increasing health awareness and a supportive franchise model, make now the perfect time to own a wellness centre. Joining Studio Figura means not only capitalising on these trends but also becoming part of a global community dedicated to health and well-being.
Running a wellness centre allows for greater work-life balance. You can design your schedule to suit your lifestyle, giving you the flexibility to enjoy personal and professional fulfilment. Advancements in wellness technology and treatments provide exciting opportunities for growth and differentiation. Staying at the forefront of innovation can help attract and retain clients, setting your business apart.
Owning a wellness centre offers the potential for financial independence. With a growing customer base, you can build a profitable business that provides a stable income and long-term financial security.
The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened awareness of the importance of health and immunity. Many people are now prioritising their physical and mental well-being, leading to a surge in demand for wellness services.

The Studio Figura franchise owner experience

Build your dream business and work for yourself.

You don’t need a health & beauty background to turn your passion for wellness and care of others into a career.

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Join our Exclusive Studio Figura VIP Club Today to receive exclusive offers.

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