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Fat Cavitation Voucher - Studio Figura


You were one of the chosen ones to get the $50 voucher

We have received your interest in our Fat Cavitation special offer.

Take care of your skin & body – It makes a huge difference over a lifetime.

Say Goodbye to stubborn fat and Welcome New Sculpted & Toned You!

The next step for your treatment and to not miss your $50 voucher is to book your initial free consultation to talk to one of our trained technicians.

To do that you have the option to call the Studio on 0461 409 443 or even quicker to book in through online here.

We are so excited for you, can’t wait to deliver these amazing results for you.

Here are the steps to book your appointment:


Tap the ‘Book My Fat Cavitation Consultation‘ button below.


Choose your day and time, then Continue.


Enter your contact details and then Book. You’re all set!
* We will also be in touch the next day to confirm everything as well. We are looking forward to speaking to you.