What Is Roll Shaper Massage and Why Is It Good for You?

Written by Studio Figura

June 16, 2020

The rudimentary machines of roller massage were developed as early as 1927. Their working principle has been researched and tested today, and scientists have found that this method is effective and works – it is not an opportunity to trim and improve the well-being of a fast-disappearing body.

Roller massage machines are used by thousands of salons and gyms around the world.

The working principle of roller massage is simple but effective. The machine’s wooden rollers rotate and roll against the desired areas, stimulating muscles, skin, blood circulation and facilitating the movement of lymph fluid. Having developed poses involves massaging the whole body.

During the massage, the lymphatic circulation is accelerated tenfold. Massage effectively affects the entire lymphatic system, improves skin elasticity and metabolism, and reduces lymphatic arrest and tissue swelling. Lymph therapy is a very pleasant and effective treatment and is used in both medicine and cosmetology.

What is the function of the lymph nodes?

The function of the lymph nodes is to kill bacteria, strengthen the immune system, filter harmful substances from the body, direct fluid in the body and slow down the flow of lymph. Approximately 2 liters of lymph flow from the lymphatic system into the bloodstream in one day. If the lymphatic system is disrupted due to illness or trauma and the passage of fluid through the body is obstructed, edema occurs. Read more about lymph nodes.

Roller massage helps to make the body function properly and thus lose centimeters. The rollers of the machine come into contact with the surface of the skin and stimulate the outer muscles. Activating the body and stimulating the muscles results in weight loss and reduction in girth. Massage reduces swelling and cellulite.

The infrared lamp in the middle of the drum of the machines increases the effect of the massage by up to 70%. The heat radiated from it penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, warming the body and skin and dilating the blood vessels, thus helping to remove the deposited toxins. Infrared activates the body’s defense mechanisms, strengthens the immune system, relaxes muscles and prevents the formation of cellulite. Infrared lamps have an integrated collagen function, which helps to rejuvenate and heal the skin.

The effect of massage on your health

Improves lymphatic and blood circulation

Improves intestinal function

Improves metabolism

Improves the condition of joints

Reduces swelling

 Reduces heaviness in the legs

Reduces headaches

Acts as a preventant of many diseases

Enriches tissues with nutrients and oxygen

Effects of massage on body and skin

Reduces the circumference of the waist, hips, legs and arms

Reduces weight

Corrects problem areas

Reduces cellulite

 Improves and smooths the skin

Removes the horny layer of skin

Reduces wrinkles

Gives facial skin and body a healthy complexion

 The effect of massage on muscles

Enriches muscles with nutrients and oxygen

Prepares the body for exercise

Accelerates the body’s ability to recover from physical activity

Reduces muscle tension and increases muscle performance

The effect of massage on the nervous system

An effective and strong massage has a stimulating effect

A light massage has a soothing and relaxing effect

Improves skin sensitivity

Improves nerve impulse transmission

Improves sleep quality


The effect of roller massage is felt immediately. Before and during the massage, you need to drink a lot of water, because the massage activates the movement of fluid and the body needs more water immediately.

Each client’s initial measurements are recorded to monitor body changes and the effect of the massage. It also records your body mass index, body fat to muscle mass ratio, visceral fat levels, and the number of calories needed for your body to function normally on a daily basis.

The duration of the whole massage is 1 hour, during which 18 different poses are performed, which cover the whole body.

During the initial active course (10-15 times), the procedures are performed 3-4 times a week. Some people need several courses, this can be specified individually. In order to maintain the achieved result, the maintenance should be repeated 1-2 times a month later.

The roller massage procedure is many times stronger and more effective than a regular lymphatic massage.

The human body would not be able to do this to you with such efficiency. It does not tighten or stretch your skin in any way. You can choose and deal with the place that is most problematic for your body. The procedure is very relaxing and soothing for the whole body as well as the nervous system. Lymphatic massage is the best type of massage in the treatment of cellulite, as it helps to reduce the fluid in the adipose tissue. The lymphatic system slows down during sleep, as well as for lack of mobility, fatigue and one-sided physical work. This is facilitated by mechanical obstructions in the lymphatics, inflammatory processes and cooling of the body. As the lymphatic circuit slows down, slags accumulate – a fluid that presses on the tissues and nerve endings. The massage affects both the cells and the cell intermediate – blood, lymph and connective tissue fluids. The body is cleansed.

The usual lymphatic massage is in the price range of about $120, our roller massage is dozens of times more effective and also cheaper.

Other similar procedures are in the price range almost twice as expensive, but in terms of efficiency they do not outweigh our roller massage.

We guarantee an immediate effect on your body. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT and become friends with your body!

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