Why Studio Figura’s Weight Loss Program Works

Written by Studio Figura

January 24, 2020

Anyone who has ever struggled with losing weight should consider trying Studio Figura’s healthy weight loss program.

Often, we start a new eating program determined that this time it is going to work. Then inevitably someone at work brings in donuts, the ones with the frosting that are your favourite, and without even realizing what you are doing there, you are back at your desk licking the frosting off your fingertips. Or in the middle of your favourite television program you discover a bowl of ice cream on your lap. How did it get there?

During these times you are expressing an unconscious desire to eat. A part of you wants to eat and will find any excuse to do so no matter how justified your reason for dieting or how strong your resolution to lose weight.

Self-sabotage is the biggest reason to anyone who has ever tried to lose weight and keep it off. You inner voice will pound in your ear, “just a little taste, one is not going to hurt”, and one becomes two and before you realise it you think “what the hell” and decide to start again tomorrow – does this sound familiar?

Studio Figura has been a tried and true method of weight loss, cellulite reduction, helping to tone up the skin and improve lymphatic circulation in the body for several generations. Maybe you have heard or tried ”Gloria Marshall’s” women’s salon.

Nowadays we have made a more modern method, combining infrared and collagen lights. Weight loss has been made easy with low-impact exercising, and high impact results.

How do Studio Figura’s machines work for weight loss?

It helps you to activate your lymphatic circulation, eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin which helps you to lose weight fast and in a healthy way. The Vacu Shaper works with a vacuum to burn body fat four times faster. The Roll Shaper massage breaks fat cells under the skin to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks. It also gives you a very good full body massage to relax and sleep better. It has so many other benefits such as toning up the skin and get helping injuries.


Studio Figura helps you create new, positive habits so you don’t even know that you are changing.

It helps you create an image of yourself in the future that will become your “motivator”.

If you follow the session instructions, then normally 3 sessions per week is all that is needed for the program to work for you.

Prior to embarking on this program, it is essential that you want to change and are committed to following all the steps in the program. This weight loss program will not work if you are doing this for someone else.

So how will this work when nothing else has?

The main reason it is successful is that it becomes your own personal program and Studio Figura ensures that the suggestions you are open to taking on board become well and truly fixed into your routine.

How much does it cost?

Your investment for our 6-week weight loss program is $699, including a natural body clean detox set (or 2 payments of $349). It also includes:

• 18 x customised weight loss sessions

• 2 x 1:1 nutritional coaching session

• 4 x body analysis

• A program booklet

• Weekly measurements and photos to see and track the progression process

What you can look forward to

Finally, the power of the mind allows you to make these changes effortlessly and after six weeks you will look back and realise just how much weight you have lost, how you have built new positive habits into your life and how much better you feel about yourself.

Call us on 0447 235 969 to book your appointment for Detox Weight Loss Program.


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