What Is Cellulite and How Does the Roll Shaper Massage Reduce It?

Written by Studio Figura

January 7, 2020

90-95% of women fight it every day.

It is difficult to find a woman who is not bound to worry about cellulite. It causes stress and dissatisfaction with your body.

Cellulite has a higher severity in terms of body properties, but the excess fluid and residues in the body’s connective tissues that are associated with the damage are aesthetically pleasing to not only the most attractive bumpy and pitted skin.

Cellulite is a blood supply and related to the ability of the whole body to work, because excess fat, waste products and fluid compress the blood and lymphatic vessels in the body. Cellulite skin is said to resemble cottage cheese or orange peel. Cellulite is found in the lower body, especially in problem areas of the hips, thighs and buttocks.

Cellulite has different forms and important forms of cellulite The better and more noticeable the cellulite, the more seriously the human blood supply and other physical processes are established.

When subcutaneous by-products are obese, the skin business is increased if they cannot be increased more than 50-fold. Moody clusters are needed on the skin to cause lumps and depressions, which clog the blood and lymph circuits, hindering the body’s normal work and cleansing process.

Why do these clusters occur at all, and why in women? There are several reasons:

Poor diet and lifestyle choices, excessive sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise. They all block the lymph and blood circulation, causing excess fat, waste products and fluid to build up in the body’s connective tissue fat cells.

The peculiarity of women’s connective tissue. Women’s connective tissue resembles a fishing net, and bumps can form in the holes there. Male connective tissue is much denser and there are no gaps where bumps can be deposited at all.

Women have more genetically more fat and less muscle. Men do the opposite. The more muscle there is in the human body, the more fat the muscle burns with its life activities.

Hormonal fluctuations such as puberty, pregnancy, menopause and birth control pills disturb the hormonal balance and greatly affect the development of cellulite.

Heredity. Australian women already have a hereditary poor connective tissue compared to european nations. A person with good skin elasticity is less likely to have a cellulite problem. – Stress – A stressed person is tense, his muscles are stiff and both lymphatic and blood supply are disrupted. Stress exhausts the whole body.

Collagen. By the time we reach the age of 25, our body gradually loses the ability to make youthful collagen and we “start to age”. Collagen liquid helps to build skin elasticity to avoid cellulite visibility. Helps promote skin healing and may work to decrease the visibility of acne scarring. It also has anti-inflammatory capabilities, works deep below the surface of your skin to help soothe and repair tissue.

How to reduce cellulite and prevent it?

Poor eating habits are one of the biggest causes of cellulite. Choosing cleaner raw materials ensures that much less residue enters the body. Cookies, chips, cupcakes, semi-prepared foods, etc. contain many harmful fats and additives, all of which are stored as residues in our fat cells on the buttocks and legs. Remove these and all such foods from your menu or at least reduce their consumption. Always read food labels to see how many additives there are in your food. Choosing a cleaner food, add collagen liquid in your every day life will definitely help you lose weight and reduce your body fat percentage. This in turn is very important in destroying cellulite.

Drink enough water every day, and exercise regularly – a reduction in overall fat percentage also reduces cellulite.

One of the most effective treatments for cellulite is lymphatic massage and Roll Shaper, which you can read more about in our second blog post. Roller massage, which stimulates the lymphs and their work, is a proven and most effective way to help mobilize the accumulated residues. In addition to reducing cellulite, it improves muscle function and relaxes them.

Contact us and we can help you reduce cellulite and weight!

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